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American Cutural Care

Affinity Care of NJ provides home care services to a diversity of seniors from many walks of life and cultures. Sixteen years of experience has given us a breadth of knowledge by working with many different ethnic communities. Of course, we also provide our home care services to aging seniors who require English speaking caregivers with an understanding of American families and culture. American families represent the largest segment of our population in New Jersey. This is an important group of clientele that we serve.

Moreover, many American seniors will experience loneliness, feelings of resentment and depression as they get older. This is caused by either the result of isolation from living alone or because they have few or no close family relationships. Compounding these issues, this isolation can result in an inability to participate in normal activities of daily living.

As seniors age, it is inevitable that they lose contact with friends and family and find it increasingly difficult to create new relationships as well as maintain some level of social interaction.

Our English speaking caregivers are highly qualified individuals, who not only have the requisite training and experience to handle your aging loved one’s home care needs, but are also conversant in English and possess an appreciation and understanding of the United States and American culture. They are excellent companions who can provide engaging conversation, a sense of humor and loyal friendship. They also have culinary skills and experience to provide typical American style meals and snacks.

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American Cultural Healthcare

Since our founding in 2004, Affinity Care of NJ has built and cultivated a team of compassionate caregivers who specialize in providing home care to American seniors.

We have caregivers who have a strong background in English and understand many facets of American life. Because our caregivers have appropriate culinary experience, preparing authentic American meals and comfort foods is a benefit we can provide to our American clientele.

Our American Cultural Care program centers on 3 main areas:

  • English language centered care
  • American culinary focus
  • American cultural knowledge and sensitivity

With more than 100 caregivers who possess American cultural and English language experience, we are ready to take care of your loved ones.

What Makes Us Different

At Private Home Health Care we understand that coming to a conclusion that a loved one can no longer live alone can become devastating and exhausting. We are here to build a strong relationship with you in order to figure out the perfect care plan for your loved one.

How Can We Help

We understand that every client is unique and we develop customized care plans for each client. At Private Home Health Care it is our number one priority to ensure that each client receives the best possible care in the setting most appropriate for their physical condition.

What We Offer

Affinity Homecare provides a wide range of services to attend to any service needed in order to enhance the quality of life for your loved one. Affinity Home care works in Partnership with the Police and Fire Departments in various communities conducting the “Safe Return Program” for seniors.

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