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Our strive to provide the most competent and reliable healthcare staff at your home.

Affinity Care of NJ accepts many forms of payment for its home care services. One option, which can avoid the hassles, waiting periods and exclusions typically associated with most insurance is what we call Private Pay.

Private Pay options can also be used when a client requires a level or specific type of service beyond what Medicaid or private insurance covers.

Private Pay home care services are basically just another form of traditional in home care. A private pay home caregiver takes care of your aging loved one on a routine basis and helps them with their activities of daily living. In some cases, private pay home caregivers are able to perform additional tasks, duties or certain services not provided by Medicaid or are excluded by long term care insurance.

With our privately paid home care services, clients pay for their services with “out of pocket” money or by executing on a long term care insurance policy. Additionally, there are a number of mixed forms of payment methods including various combinations of insurance, Medicaid and private pay options.

Private pay clients can pay for services using a credit card, check or by using other forms of cash such as online payments via bank ACH transactions and other electronic payment gateways and online services.

private pay cash or online payment
Experienced Medical Staff
Healthcare At Your Door
Available 24/7
No Hidden Charges or Tax

Other Private Pay Sources

Common sources for raising money to pay for private pay home care include savings, pension and retirement accounts. For those private pay clients who do not have a U.S. Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit and don’t have any forms of long term care insurance, they can choose to use their Social Security benefits, home equity loans and reverse mortgage proceeds to pay for home care.

What Makes Us Different

At Private Home Health Care we understand that coming to a conclusion that a loved one can no longer live alone can become devastating and exhausting. We are here to build a strong relationship with you in order to figure out the perfect care plan for your loved one.

How Can We Help

We understand that every client is unique and we develop customized care plans for each client. At Private Home Health Care it is our number one priority to ensure that each client receives the best possible care in the setting most appropriate for their physical condition.

What We Offer

Affinity Homecare provides a wide range of services to attend to any service needed in order to enhance the quality of life for your loved one. Affinity Home care works in Partnership with the Police and Fire Departments in various communities conducting the “Safe Return Program” for seniors.

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