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The changes in an aging loved one are very often subtle at first.  Forgetful moments… Small slips and falls… Lapses in thought or speech. Perhaps your loved one is no longer as alert as they used to be. Maybe Mom is becoming uncharacteristically moody, or her general behavior seems different. Or, possibly, she just appears to be more fragile.

That’s why, as each day goes by, you can’t help but notice that this new normal is no longer just a mild concern. It has become more and more evident and, even worse, you know that these lapses in physical and mental ability will only get more concerning as time passes.

“What if Mom leaves a stove burner on?” … “What if Dad takes a tumble down the stairwell?”… “I don’t trust Grandpa to take all of his medicine.”…

These and many others are common concerns families have.

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Another common scenario is when an aging loved one gets back home from the hospital or a rehabilitation facility after a health scare. Or a scenario where he or she is presenting signs of early, mild dementia. Or, possibly its simply a situation where a loved one has a need for custodial supervision… for someone to be with them at home so they are safe. And someone who can assist them with their activities of daily living or provide social stimulation and companionship.

In all of these situations, Home Care is the perfect solution.

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